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Kam San Quatro



Kam San Quatro

Quatro is the ultimate disinfectant and sanitizer that leaves no room for germs to thrive. With its cutting-edge four-chain quat technology, Quatro stands at the forefront of protection against bacteria, viruses, mold/mildew, and it kills COVID-19. This powerful formula is designed to eliminate even the most resilient pathogens, providing you with peace of mind and a truly germ-free space.

It also revolutionizes your laundry routine! With a dilution ratio of 1:85 the gallon or 1:512 the quartz, you’ll be sure to maximize the most of your product. Additionally, our innovative solution acts as a potent laundry disinfectant, eradicating bacteria and viruses that may be lingering on your garments. Quatro is not only a powerful germ-killing solution; it is also CDC-compliant, ensuring that your business meets the highest standards of hygiene.

Distribution Block Provided

Best Used In:

  • Healthcare Facilities
  • Schools and Educational Institutions
  • Lodging and Hospitality Industry
  • Gyms and Fitness Centers
  • Daycares and Preschools
  • Airlines and Airports
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Expands to a 16” x 19” Towel

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