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Carpet Cleaner

This powerful, next-generation formula surpasses traditional cleaners, effortlessly penetrating and emulsifying soils in just one step. Experience carpet renewal like never before with its remarkable ability to brighten, deodorize, and leave your carpets looking brand new. All-In-One Carpet Cleaner combines carpet cleaning, spot treatment, pretreating, browning removal, and high-traffic area cleaning into a single, efficient solution designed for steam or hot water extraction systems. All while avoiding harsh chemicals!

You can say farewell to persistent odors as it permanently neutralizes them. It tackles a wide range of tough stains, including food, coffee, tea, pet accidents, grease, oil, and more, making it highly effective on heavy soils. It’s also compatible with all steam and water extraction systems.

Distribution Block Provided

Best Used In:

  • Event Venues
  • Pet Care Facilities
  • Offices and Commercial Spaces
  • Restaurants and Food Service
  • Hotels
  • Lodging and Hospitality Industry
  • Casinos

Expands to a 16” x 19” Towel

In Seconds!

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Pet Friendly?
It is!

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