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Glass Cleaner



Glass Cleaner

This industrial-strength cleaner surpasses all others with its unbeatable performance. Experience the power of our natural, ammonia-free formula that swiftly dissolves stubborn grime like smoke and grease, unlike any other glass cleaner. Your surfaces will not only be visibly clearer but also stay cleaner for up to three times longer. Say goodbye to tedious window cleaning as our revolutionary technology slashes the time spent by 30% or more.

Our ammonia-free formula eliminates odorous soils, while the streak-free formula ensures a crystal-clear shine without any hazing or dullness. Embrace our commitment to the environment with our biodegradable, non-toxic, and non-acidic composition. Plus, rest assured that no artificial fragrances have been added, making it perfect for sensitive noses.

Different Dillutions Include:

  • Auto Detailing Services
  • Retail Stores and Shopping Centers
  • Hotels and Casinos
  • Office Buildings
  • Commercial Properties
  • Restaurants and Food Service

Expands to a 16” x 19” Towel

In Seconds!

Did we mention MB2 products are

Pet Friendly?
It is!

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