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Sanitizer Equipment



Sanitizer Equipment

Our range of cutting-edge products is designed to revolutionize your hygiene practices and ensure the well-being of both your customers and employees.

Experience the power of convenience and efficiency with our automatic dispensers for foaming hand sanitizer. These dispensers seamlessly blend into any environment, promoting your business’s professional and modern image.

Maximize the potential of our mounting brackets for Quat DS microfiber wipes. These brackets provide a secure and easily accessible location for storing and dispensing wipes, allowing you to effortlessly maintain cleanliness throughout your establishment.

Enhance the functionality of our products with our floor stands, strategically placed in customer high-traffic areas and employee workspaces. These stands offer a versatile solution to maximize visibility and accessibility.

Expands to a 16” x 19” Towel

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Did we mention MB2 products are

Pet Friendly?
It is!

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